Open Source Solutions is winning a contract to rebuild one of the Worldwide Top500 High Performance Clusters in Saudi Arabia, all using Open Source technologies. The contract also includes hands-on training to deploy, configure and maintain customized and privately-built Linux-based High Performance Clusters.

There has been a growing interest in the field of high performance and grid computing. This growth of cluster computing has primarily been encouraged by the price/performance measure, which made it affordable to organizations to have exclusive access to their own supercomputers. Typically, these HPC clusters are designed to run massive scientific applications that cannot be run on conventional servers. As of today, there are 7 positions in the list (a site that lists the most powerful supercomputers in the world) occupied by gigantic clusters installed in Saudi Arabia.

Open Source Solutions has been providing Linux training, services and consultation in the region since 2004. The company is recognized by its expertise in deploying Linux-based, Open source solutions and HPC Clusters and providing a full range of consulting, support and educational services.